MTSA II is a joint venture of managing partner Oasys International (Oasys) and The Kenific Group (KGI). The MTSA II companies have a successful history of delivering projects of varied size, scope and complexity as well as a proven track record of successful service delivery as a prime contractor for US Federal Government IDIQs, GWACS and multi-award contracts. Both Oasys and KGI bring strength and leadership to specific areas and each specializes in different areas to ensure depth and breadth is achieved. Oasys brings extensive experience in program planning, strategic planning, quality assurance and controls, in-depth risk assessments with logical problem-solving techniques, and identifying where cybersecurity and technology improvements roll up to stronger productivity and higher metric results. KGI brings experience in the areas of Energy Management, Logistics and Supply Chain, Engineering and Management Consulting with an underlying technology and cybersecurity focus.

Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business

The purpose of the Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concern Procurement Program is to provide procuring agencies with the authority to set acquisitions aside for exclusive competition among service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns, as well as the authority to make sole source awards to service-disabled veteran-owned small business concerns if certain conditions are met. (See Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 13 C.F.R. § 125.8-125.10).The Veterans Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development Act of 1999 (Public Law 106-50) established an annual government-wide goal of not less than 3% of the total value of all prime contract and subcontract awards for participation by small business concerns owned and controlled by service-disabled veterans.

On December 16, 2003, the Veterans Benefits Act of 2003 (Public Law 108-183) was passed by Congress. Section 308 of the Act (Public Law 108-183) established a procurement program for Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Concerns (SDVOSBC). This procurement program provides that federal contracting officers may restrict competition to SDVOSBCs and award a sole source or set-aside contract where certain criteria are met.

An order signed by former President George W. Bush on October 20, 2004, directs all federal agencies to implement Executive Order 13360 (EO 13360). EO 13360, in conjunction with various Small Business Acts, establishes a goal of at least 3% of Federal contracting for Service Disabled Veteran Owned Businesses and gives agency contracting officers the authority to reserve certain procurements for SDVOBs.

As a service-disabled veteran-owned small business (SDVOSB), we help government agencies achieve socio-economic contracting goals.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tony Johnson
Oasys International Corporation CEO & MTSA II Managing Partner

Tony Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Oasys, is an experienced entrepreneur and technologist who has more than 25 years of information systems and professional services experience. Prior to Oasys, Tony served as CEO and co-founder of Ennovex Solutions, Inc. (Ennovex) a technology services firm acquired by Scitor Corporation (Scitor). Prior to his time at Ennovex, Tony led projects for national customers including Headquarters U.S. Central Command, the White House Communications Agency, the 2004 G8 Summit, and the Defense Information Systems Agency as a Principal at SRA International from 2000 to 2005.

Tony earned a B.A. in Business Administration from Angelo State University and a M.S. in Information Systems from Florida State University. He is an Air Force Veteran with more than 130 combat and combat support missions on the RC-135 platform.

Kris Kenific
The Kenific Group CEO & MTSA II Partner

Mr. Kenific is the President and CEO of The Kenific Group, Inc responsible for setting the company's strategic vision and direction, corporate outreach, and business development. With over 20 years in the industry, Mr. Kenific is an experienced executive in corporate management and consulting services. Prior to incorporating The Kenific Group, he worked at 6 prestigious Fortune 100 companies such as Stanley Associates, CGI Federal, Fedex and UPS in operations management, project management, industrial engineering, consulting, and compliance. During his professional career he has received extensive training on general business law, FMLA, government contracting, FAR regulations, contract management, business repercussions, Americans with Disabilities Act, Federal Acquisition Regulations and Statements of Federal Financial Accounting Standards.